Hoot-n-Holler Conferencing

ARD, MRD & Hoots for Financial Services

  • Simply lift the handset and start talking
  • Support ARD, MRD & Hoots across TDM & IP based Private Wires
  • Suitable for e.g. Financial Services, Utilities & Auto Traders


Supports multiple legacy TDM & IP based turrets or squawk boxes


Support interworking between T1/E1, CAS signaling & multiple flavors of SIP signaling

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Hoot-n-Holler conferences are typically used for managing ‘many to many’ communications in mission critical scenarios such as satellite launch control, stock trading floors etc. To facilitate such communication, multiple locations are connected via leased lines into a centrally located Audio Conference bridge. As corporations establish their own data networks, they desire to run all of their voice and data applications on the same data network. The XOP Networks’ Universal Services Node supports the Hoot and Holler application across both TDM and VoIP networks. This facilitates the transition of the application from leased line infrastructure to the VoIP network infrastructure.

  • Support Mission Critical conferencing across TDM and VoIP networks
  • Support legacy ‘Squawk box’ and next generation IP phones and soft phones
  • Built in ‘presence’ manager indicates availability of the participants connected to VoIP network
  • Mission controller can ‘monitor’ audio from multiple conference rooms simultaneously via a web portal
  • Mission controller can ‘talk and listen’ into a given conference room via a web portal
  • Allow Mission Controller to dial out and pull in additional participants
  • Ability to make separate audio recordings – at the individual room level and at the controller level
  • Usage reporting and call logs
FeatureHow it worksBenefits
Web portal based management of mission critical conferences.Mission controller can monitor audio from one or more rooms and talk and listen to one room simply by a click on a web portal. Can dial out to external parties and bring them into a conference room.No need to press mechanical buttons to select between different conference nets – Immune from mechanical failures. Can be accessed from remote PCs connected to the Internet.
Separate web portals for USN administrator and Mission Controllers.System administrator sets up H&H rooms, stations and their associations via USN web portal.Mission controllers only operate the Hoot-n-holler web portal. Easy to learn, train and use.
Visual indicator showing status of participants in a given room.Participant status in a given room is displayed with different fonts. Regular text -> Associated Italicized text -> Registered SIP end point Bold text -> actively participating Bold text with green color -> loudest speaker.Mission controllers can quickly ascertain the status of a meeting in a given room.
Dial out with ‘Find-you’ capability.Upon initiation of a dial out the system will dial up to 4 phone numbers for the individual as part of the ‘Find you’ process.Improves the probability of reaching an out dialed participant.

XOP Networks’ IP based Hoot and Holler Conference Bridge for the Transport Industry

This White Paper describes the application of XOP Networks’ IP based Hoot and Holler Conference Bridge Network in the Transport Industry. The approach described is equally applicable to the Financial Markets (Wall Street/ Investment Banking), News Broadcasting organizations, and Federal/State/local Emergency Responders networks.

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