Group Alert and Conference Server


XOP Networks, Inc’s Group Alert and Conference Server (GACS) allows organisations to send thousands of voice, SMS, email or pager messages quickly. In addition, it can be used to establish a quick dial-out audio conference between key decision makers.

A moderator can use a simple CSV file upload to create multiple situation specifc call out groups. Using the web portal, a moderator can view calls being delivered in real time. The calls can be sent over multiple iterative passes automatically. All call related activity is logged and promptly displayed, including termination status e.g., busy, no answer, recorded on answering machine etc. The voice calls can be sent over TDM network or VoIP/SIP network.


Message Creation Options

  • Record messages in your own voice
  • Create messages via Text to Speech
  • Import .WAV files

Message Creation Options

  • From Web Portal
  • Incoming phone call
  • Scheduled with recurrence

Message Delivery Options

  • Control speed of message delivery
  • Send Caller-ID
  • Secured by access code
  • Outbound IVR for response collection
  • Find-me with skipping


Today organizations realize they have a need for a voice based mass notification system. In the past, such communication has been handled by outsourced service providers.The cost of an outsourced service can be significant - sometime reaching $1 or more per individual per year.

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With Firebar Conferencing, first response teams and safety organizations can conduct conferencsessions during emergencies with both internal and external agencies. All Firebar conferences are automatically recorded.A useful tool for training purposes or situation debriefs.

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With conferencing, administrators, safety or police organizations can conduct internal conference sessions to gather information and coordinate response plans. Additional participants can be added from a pre-defined list or added on an ad-hoc basis.

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With Firebar Conferencing administrators, safety organizations and police can have internal conference sessions during emergencies. For everyday use dial in numbers can be given to parents for ‘one to many’ discussions with teachers.

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With Firebar Conferencing administrators, safety organizations, police and fire can have internal conference sessions during emergencies. For everyday use utilize the ‘meet me’ conferencing capabilities for regularly scheduled planning meetings.

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This XOP Networks White Paper describes how an enterprise can use SIP trunking to lower its monthly telephone bill and also introduce value added services via a SIP based applications platform. VoIP and SIP technology have come a long way from the early days of making cheap phone calls over the Internet. The true benefits of packet based networking are now in reach of most Enterprises.