Firebar Conferencing

Reach First Responders Quickly

  • Simply lift the handset to connect with your first responders
  • Works with Analog and/or IP phones
  • Suitable for e.g. Airports, Air Force Bases, Nuclear Power Plants, etc.


Drop-in replacement for Tellabs 291/292 Firebar equipment


Start with traditional Analog equipment based Firebar & transition to IP based Firebar on your own timeline

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Traditional Firebar or out dialed conferencing is used by 911 dispatch personnel to inform and bring a group of first responders into an emergency audio conference. These systems require dedicated phone lines that terminate on the line side of the central office switch of a phone company. This mode of operation is becomes less desirable as phone companies adopt Soft Switch and Digital Loop Carrier based distributed network architecture. The XOP Networks’ Firebar application resides on the USN that is deployed on the trunk side of the switch/PBX. It provides several enhancements.

  • Can be used with legacy TDM network or with the next generation VoIP network
  • Send calls to any landline or cellular phone instead of just dedicated ‘red’ or emergency phones
  • Select communications medium to be used for message delivery (Voice only, Email only, SMS only or any combination etc.)
  • Support unlimited number of call out groups
  • Send caller-ID of your choice that can be used by recipient’s phone to display associated ’caller name’ (e.g., Fire Chief)
  • Trigger a dial-out based on a) incoming phone call, b) click on a web portal, c) dry contact closure (optional)
  • Schedule one time or recurring dialout calls
  • Multiple hysteresis controls for preventing un-intentional triggers
  • Configurable auto dial back (mitigates inadvertent call drops due to network congestion)
  • Configurable authentication features (prevents unauthorized person to get involved in a Firebar conference)
  • Answering machine detection and avoidance
  • Display real time call activity on a Web Portal
  • Multiple configurable recording options, playback via IVR or media player on a PC
  • Display loudest speaker
  • Provide summary and detailed reports on call completions (Busy, No Answer, Answering machine etc.)
FeatureHow it worksBenefits
Blast Dialing.Set-up via Web Dashboard, triggered via dial-in or Web.Multiple responders are called in parallel – reduces the overall time required to contact.
Multiple Protocol SupportAny combination of Analog, VoIP/SIP, and TDM (T1/E1)Wherever your responders are, we can reach them.
Unlimited number of call out groups.Set-up via Web Dashboard.Pre-planned group members may belong to different organizations (Volunteer Fire dept., Police, EMS etc.).
Built-in Find-me capability.Set up upto 4 phone numbers per individual, plus their email, SMS address.Improves the probability of reaching an individual first responder.
On-the-fly recording before triggering dialout.Moderator can dial in and record an emergency specific message before initiating the dialout. The message is heard by the recipients before they elect to join the follow-on audio conference.Responders can decide whether or not to join a emergency conference just by listening to the initial message.
Call Recording and logs.All emergency conference calls can be recorded. All call event logs are captured into .CSV files.Easy access to recordings and call logs simplifies post-event analysis.
Unobtrusive Monitoring of the conferenceSet up a Moderator account with Monitoring privilege.Useful for monitoring/ diagnosing any audio quality issues with a conference.
Multiple in-conference controls.Moderator can use DTMF controls, e.g., mute /unmute, lock/unlock, dialout and add, etc. during the conference.Improves overall management of the conference call.

Enhanced Firebar Application

This White Paper from XOP Networks describes a proactive approach to handle communications during emergency situations. Using the proactive approach, all the appropriate first responders required to handle a given emergency can be brought together on a conference call, literally at a moment’s notice, thereby allowing them to respond swiftly to the emergency situation at hand.

Format: PDF
File Size: 0.44 MB

ILEC Firebar Service White Paper

This XOP Networks White Paper explains how to support Firebar/Emergency Conferencing as you migrate your network to a Next Generation Network (NGN). The XOP Networks’ Universal Service Node (USN) with the Enhanced Firebar Application can answer all of these challenges, while reducing both CAPEX and OPEX for the operating companies.

Format: PDF
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Use Cases

Firebar Conferencing capability can be used for immediate emergencies requiring 911 personnel support and/or significant others. Click below to view our Reachout use cases.