Web Conferencing

Boost the Productivity of Your Meetings

  • Available for on premise deployment & hosted service
  • Web browser based, no downloads required
  • Suitable for e.g. Executives, Medical Professionals, Small Business Owners, etc.

Cost Effective

Cut down unnecessary travel. Meet as frequently as you want through audio/video conferencing

Multiple Features

Enhance your meetings using desktop sharing, whiteboard sharing, multiple presenters & chat. Record your meeting for later playback.

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Web Conferencing Application is designed to significantly boost the productivity of your meetings.

  • Web based application, no software download required to your PC.
  • Designed to run across the Internet or a private data network without requiring any changes to firewalls. Running behind a secure private data network insures that your web conference content cannot be compromised.
  • Can be used standalone or in conjunction with XOP Network’s Audio Conferencing application. When used together participants can collaborate in real time and achieve desired end result quickly without exchanging multiple emails.
FeatureHow it worksBenefits
Desktop Sharing Mode.Moderator shares his/her Desktop with fellow participants.Show any document or co-browse the Web with fellow participants. Simple to use and ideal for product demos
Presentation Sharing Mode.Upload PowerPoint & PDF documents. Use annotation tools to edit in a collaborative session.Significantly reduce number of edits/versions to produce final version.
White Boarding ModeCreate diagrams/visuals with fellow participants in a collaborative session.Ideal for brainstorming.
Public & private Chat Room.Moderator can respond to questions in public or privately.Makes Web conferencing more productive.
Multiple PresentersModerator can allow another participant to take control and share his/ her desktop.Multiple points of view on one conference.
Record a Web ConferenceModerator can record the conference using Flash Player.Conference can be replayed on any PC.
Record Audio & Web Conference.When used with the XOP Digital Collaboration Bridge a combined recording can be made.Can be used for in-house Webinars. Ideal for product training, seminars, legal reviews, etc.

Audio and Web Conferencing in Different Verticals

This XOP Networks White Paper provides a list of common use cases in different vertical markets. The simultaneous use of Audio and Web Conferencing is known as Digital Collaboration, mostly used to reduce unnecessary travel, improve employee productivity, and improve business efficiency.

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