Ringdown Firebar Conference Server



XOP Networks’ Ringdown Firebar Conference Server scales from 8 ports to 96 ports. It provides direct termination for analog (Red) phones. These systems are typically deployed in campus locations that are prone to emergency situations, e.g., Airports, Air Force Bases, Chemical plants, Oil and gas installations etc. A person close to the emergency can simply lift the handset on any (or designated) of the RFCS connected phone and trigger a dial out to other phones. As people answer these calls they are automatically placed into a conference with the initiator. A unique aspect of XOP RFCS is its ability to also interface with on-site PBX or IP PBX. This allows people outside the immediate emergency area to be reached via the PSTN. These multi-location alerting and conferencing systems are also known as Crash Phone Systems or Ringdown Phone Systems.




  • Standalone Crashnet Ringdown Firebar equipment
  • Scalable from 8 ports to 96 ports
  • FXS Interface for direct connectivity to Analog (RED emergency) Phones
  • Tellabs 291/292 or other similar Firebar equipment replacement
  • Web Portal for provisioning and administration
  • Web Portal for viewing line status (on-hook, off-hook, ringing etc.)
  • Web Portal for viewing and controlling on going Crashnet conferences
  • Built-in recording capability
  • Scheduled (Daily, Weekly etc.) recurring dial-outs for routine automated Crashnet testing
  • Multiple designated trigger phones
  • Connectivity to Public Telephone Network (optional) via onsite PBX or IP PBX
  • Support for Long Loop lengths (30,000 feet)
  • Hardened for outside plant deployment



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The XOP Networks’ Ringdown Firebar Conference Server meets all requirements, in an economical and highly reliable Linux based platform that can be scaled from 8 to 96 ports, as illustrated in the following application of a Primary and Secondary Crash Network.

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I am seventy five years old and suffer from severe arthritis in my knees. One afternoon I tripped and fell down while walking in the neighborhood. I could not get up on my own and no one else was around. Fortunately I was carrying my cell phone with me. I pressed the ‘ReachOut and Connect’ service button. Within seconds I was talking to my three sons and my daughter and mydaughter-in-law. On the call, we decided which one of my children was closest to me who could come and take me to the emergency room. - John Southerland, Plano, Texas

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