Instant Conferencing

Initiate Dial-out Conference Using an Incoming Phone Call

  • Send an inbound phone call and trigger a dial out conference
  • Use the service from any phone - landline or cell phone
  • Suitable for e.g. Executives needing an immediate conference with subordinates

Ease of Use

Use our state of the art technology to trigger a dial out conference by using a speed dial button on your phone

Replay for No-Show's

Many times a few participants are unavailable for calls on the fly. Record calls for associates not in attendance.

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Imagine making one call to a conference bridge and starting a dial out conference with a pre-established group of participants – that’s what Instant Conferencing provides. Often we need a quick conference with a few people on the fly. There is no time for sending an invitation with the conference bridge credentials etc. The XOP Networks Instant Conferencing Application is designed to do just that. The XOP Networks Universal Services Node platform provides a simple web portal that can be used by a Subscriber to set up various groups and associate them with their respective Instant Conferences. The USN automatically assigns a DID number to each Instant Conference. When Subscriber dials the assigned DID number, the call is received by the USN. After authentication, the USN immediately dials out to all members of the associated group. As recipients pick up their phones, they are placed into a conference with the subscriber.

  • Send an inbound phone call and trigger a dial out conference
  • Use the service from any phone – landline or cell phone
  • No application or client download required
  • Use speed dial on your phone or PDA to assign digits to different groups, e.g., digit ‘2’ -> marketing dept., digit ‘3’ -> family members
  • Use a web portal to create/edit/delete groups
  • Drop the conference if/when Subscriber leaves
  • Two minute hysterises timer to prevent inadvertent subscriber call drop out
  • Ability to record calls on the fly
  • Usage reporting and call logs
FeatureHow it worksBenefits
Create Groups and Instant Conferences using a Web Portal.Moderator can set up Users and associate them with different groups. Next, he/she can assign groups to different Instant Conferences – all via a web portal.Flexible arrangement for creating groups and associating them with Instant Conferences. Unlimited number of Groups and Instant Conferences per subscriber.
Initiate an audio conference by making a phone call.Subscriber can dial the number assigned to his/her particular Instant conference. The USN will parse the signaling messages and upon authentication will then dial out to all members. Upon pickup it will place people into the Instant conference.Enable ad-hoc conference from any authorized landline phone or mobile phone without requiring any pre planning.
Assign Nick Names to your participants.Subscriber can assign nicknames to potential participants.Saves on data entry when sending a SMS.
Subscriber hysteresis timer.In case a Subscriber’s call gets dropped and he/she does not call back within 2 minutes, the conference is terminated.A Subscriber’s presence is required for conference to continue. Protects moderator from fraudulent use.

SMS based Instant Conferencing for Mobile Service Providers

This White Paper from XOP Networks describes the XOP Network’s SMS based Instant Conferencing Application. The XOP Networks USN platform supports SMPP3.4 protocol for interfacing with external SMSCs. This capability allows the USN to support both Mobile Originating (MO) and Mobile Terminating (MT) traffic. Therefore a subscriber can simply send a SMS text message to a short code assigned to the USN. The subject area of the SMS contains information about the people you want to have conference with.

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