All Value Added Services Applications available on the USN platform can be individually licensed. These applications can be configured to either share a given number of ports or have dedicated number of ports per application. When sharing the ports, different priority levels can be assigned to each application. The product’s flexible architecture allows addition of newer services as they become available as well as customization of services to meet specific customer requirements.



The following Value Added Service Applications are available on the USN Platform:

 Audio Conferencing Application provides rich conferencing experience for demanding users. Support both Reservation less and Reservation based Audio Conferences. Simple to use. No/little training required.

Mission Critical Conferencing is a specialized application of audio conference bridge. Routinely used for FAA Air Traffic Control, NASA Rocket Launches, commercial Satellite Launch Control, Transfer Orbit Support Services etc.

Secure Audio Conferencing refers to conferencing which makes use of encrypted audio. The main advantage being that such conferences are immune from evesdropping. Secure conferencing is typically used by anyone whose communication needs to be kept secure.

The XOP Networks USN platform supports SMPP3.4 protocol for interfacing with external SMSCs. A Moderator can simply send a SMS text message to the USN and start an audio conference with people specified in the text message.

Imagine making one call to a conference bridge and starting a dial out conference with a pre-established group of participants – that’s what Instant Conferencing provides. Often we need a quick conference with a few people on the fly. 

Hoot-n-Holler conferences are typically used for managing ‘many to many’ communications in mission critical scenarios such as Department of Homeland Security emergency management, satellite launch control, stock trading floors etc. 

Traditional Firebar or out dialed conferencing is used by 911 dispatch personnel to inform and bring a group of first responders into an emergency audio conference. 

Web based application, no software download required to your PC. Designed to run across the Internet or a private data network without requiring any changes to firewalls. It runs behind a secure private data network.

XOP Networks Video Conferencing Application works in conjunction with the Web Conferencing application. It allows people to see each other via webcams built into PCs and smartphones while sharing their desktop. 

 XOP Networks’ enhanced Voicemail application allows the voicemail to be accessed in random order. The Voicemail application displays all stored voicemails on a Web portal. This is also referred to as Visual Voicemail.

Mass Notification Application is designed to send multi-modal (i.e., voice, SMS, pager, email) messages to thousands of people during emergency and non-emergency situations.