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Managed Service Brochures

Business Voicemail Service Brochure

"I am a single man insurance company. I am on the road most of the day, visiting with clients or taking care of their insurance problems. I used to hire an answering service to take care of my calls while I was out of my office. I was never sure if all my callers were get-ting adequate attention. One of my clients got into an accident and called my office. My answering service was busy with personal chores and could not attend customer’s call. Needless to say, I lost that customer. I looked around for a better solution and found out about XOP Networks Voicemail Central service." - John Southerland, Plano, Texas

ReachOut and Connect Service Brochure

"I am seventy five years old and suffer from severe arthritis in my knees. One afternoon I tripped and fell down while walking in the neighborhood. I could not get up on my own and no one else was around. Fortunately I was carrying my cell phone with me. I pressed the ‘ReachOut and Connect’ service button. Within seconds I was talking to my three sons and my daughter and mydaughter-in-law. On the call, we decided which one of my children was closest to me who could come and take me to the emergency room." - John Southerland, Plano, Texas

Private 911 Service

"I am a college student. Sometimes I stay late at the university library for preparation of exams. One day when walking towards the bus stand I noticed that three men were following me. I got scared. Fortunately I was carrying my cell phone with me.I pressed the ‘Private 911’ service button. Within seconds I was talking to my two brothers, my father and one of my cousins. I told them where I was and what was happening. Turns out that one of my brothers was close by. He came quickly and a potentially dangerous situation was averted." - Monica Bajaj, Delhi University Student

Firebar Emergency Conferencing Service Brochure

"Camanche Fire Department, Clinton County, Iowa has about 30 ‘on call’ Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs. We used to purchase the Firebar conferencing service from our local phone company for contacting our volunteers.Because of upgrades to their network (i.e., fiber to home networking) the phone company decided not to offer this service anymore. Luckily we found XOP Networks Firebar Emergency Conferencing service through a web search. We switched to XOP’s service and have been using it on daily basis.The service is functionally equivalent to what we used to have before. It can call our volunteers at their previous landline numbers and in addition also on their cell phones. This increases the probability of reaching the right volunteer significantly. Other thing I like about the XOP service is access to their server’s web portal. Earlier whenever I needed to add a person to the group or edit his/her phone number, I had to make a written request to the phone company. The company could take up to a week to implement the change. Now I have direct access to the XOP web portal. I can login over the Internet at any time and make the change myself." - Dave Schutte, Fire Chief