Universal Services Node

Extraordinary Value

The Universal Service Node (USN) enables improved productivity by providing multiple Value Added Service applications on a single platform.

Modern & Robust Technology

Our Universal Services Node platform is based on Linux Operating System and can be installed on industrial grade physical servers and VMware based virtual machines.

Cut Costs by 75% Having One Platform

Replace multiple single application platforms with one Universal Service Node platform.

Product Overview

XOP Networks’ Universal Service Node scales from 24 ports to 16,000 ports. It provides multiple Value Added Service (VAS) applications on one platform. All services can be accessed via VoTDM and/or VoIP ports or both. The Service Providers such as Independent Operating Companies (IOCs) and Mobile Operators depoy USN in their networks to offer multiple value added services to their subscribers from the same platform. Having both TDM and VoIP interfaces, the product allows them to migrate their VAS offerings from TDM to VoIP networks on their own timeline. Enterprise customers deploy USNs in their networks to improve employee productivity and enhance business continuity. The USN’s multi-application approach cuts down the CapEx and OpEx significantly compared with the traditional one application, one platform approach.

Value Added Services

  • Audio Conferencing

  • Web Conferencing

  • Video Conferencing

  • Hoot and Holler

  • Click to Call

  • Mass Notification

  • Enhanced Firebar

  • Instant Conferencing

  • Mobile Conferencing
  • Visual Voicemail with One Number

  • Voice SMS

  • Group SMS

  • Find-me/Follow-me

  • Pager Blast

  • Changed Number Announcements

  • Automatic Number Announcements

  • Crew Call