Group Alert & Conference Server

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Group Alert and Conference Server (GACS) allows organizations to send voice blasts, SMS blasts, email blasts – individually and/or simultaneously.

Flexible Options

Send voice blast, SMS blast, email blast either individually or in any combination.


View outgoing messages in real time on a web portal.

Product Overview

XOP Networks, Inc’s Group Alert and Conference Server (GACS) can be used for sending thousands of messages quickly to a large audience and  establish a quick dial-out audio conference between key decision makers, 

A moderator can use a simple CSV file upload to create multiple call out groups. Using the web portal, a moderator can view calls being delivered in real time. The calls can be sent over multiple iterative passes automatically. All call related activity is logged and promptly displayed, including termination status e.g., busy, no answer, recorded on answering machine etc. The voice calls can be sent over TDM network or VoIP/SIP network.


Message Creation Options

  • Record messages proactively or in real time

  • Record messages in your own voice

  • Create messages via Text to Speech

  • Import .WAV files

Message Delivery Options

  • Send messages iteratively using nested loops

  • Schedule message delivery with recurrence

  • Choose Caller-ID to send

  • Skip detected answering  machines

  • Control speed of message delivery

  • Secure delivered messages by using access codes

  • Outbound IVR for response collection