What Our Clients Are Saying!

We have been using the Firebar service offered to us by GTI, the local phone company here in Jerseyville, IL. GTI uses XOP Networks USN platform for offering this service. We are pleased with the service and the technical support provided to us by GTI and XOP technical staff. Also, the ability to run live from your system while the GTI system was being repaired was outstanding.
Keith A. Norman
Director at jerseyville fire department
XOP's IP based Hoot-n-holler application is clearly a game changer.
Charles Calvert
Director at Intelsat
SMS driven Instant Conferencing has been a great addition to our current set of VAS offerings. This allows our customers to set up on-the-fly dial out conference calls with both on-net and off-net participants.
Mr. Sukanto Aich
President Enterprise Limited at Tata Services
By using XOP Audio and Web Collaboration Bridge, we save several thousands dollars each month.
Anthony Howland
Director at telecom tristar engineering
The Firebar product from XOP Networks has filled a crucial need in our community. Emergency responders can be contacted immediately regardless of the telephone company or cell phone provider.
Kevin Hamilton
VP at grafton technologies Inc, LLC
We have been using XOP Networks Emergency Mass Notification application to keep our residents informed and to alert them when we are faced with a man made or natural emergencies
Cheryl Sanders
Associate at the heritage at brentwood
The Universal Node product has tremendous value. It is quite remarkable that so many applications can work smoothly out of one platform.
Ricardo Trinidad
Associate at Telecom and Data
We appreciate XOP's effort in integrating our legacy TDM switch with their IP based voice mail platform.
Albert Fisher
Director at Telecom Consolidated Telephone
Very sophisticated Mass Notification application. I was expecting to go to a scout camp, instead I ended up in a 5 star hotel.
Hubert Keel
Associate at Intelsat