Visual Voicemail Server

Random Access 


Voice Mail Server (VMS) is a next generation visual voicemail system that allows random access to voicemails from a web portal. 

Save Time

Retrieve messages in any order as opposed to traditional approach of sequential access


Using built in find me capability locate the person before offering voicemail option

Product Overview

XOP Networks, Inc’s Voice Mail Server (VMS) is a next generation fully featured  visual voicemail system that can scale from 100s to thousands of mail boxes. It can be used effectively when an enterprise or a service provider needs to migrate its voicemail resources from TDM to all IP environment.


  • Enterprise Voicemail
  • Service Provider Voicemail
  • “Voicemail Central” – multiple telephones associated with one mailbox
  • Subscriber Access to Voicemail via Web Portal and mobiles
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Sub-mail Boxes
  • Announcement Only Boxes
  • Message Waiting Indication – SMDI
  • Message Waiting Indication using SIP
  • Message Waiting Indication via Phone Call
  • Web Portal based System Administration
  • Multiple Mailbox Configuration Options
  • Find-me before Voicemail Deposit
  • Back, Pause, Forward
  • Secure Voicemail Retrieval based on Password or ANI