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Digital Collaboration Bridge Data Sheet

The XOP Networks Digital Collaboration Bridge (DCB) is the right choice when deciding to deploy your own advanced conferencing solution. With your own in-house system you are not only allowing employees to be more productive in their interactions with customers,partners and fellow employees,you are also controlling increasing monthly costs associated with outsourced conferencing services.

Group Alerting and Conference Server Data Sheet

Today organizations realize they have a need for a voice based mass notification system. In the past, such communication has been handled by outsourced service providers.The cost of an outsourced service can be significant - sometime reaching $1 or more per individual per year.

Voice Mail Server Data Sheet

Voicemail is a 'must have' revenue generating service for most service providers. As service providers plan the migration of their networks from a legacy circuit switched environment to packet switched environment, the challenge is, "how do we move our current Voicemail subscriber base?"

Universal Service Node Data Sheet

XOP Network's Universal Service Node (USN) is a carrier grade platform that offers multiple value added services in one integrated platform thus eliminating the need to deploy multiple unique solutions from multiple vendors. This approach has several advantages;

Universal Service Node Product Information Folder

We develop and market next generation value added service platforms for small, medium and large enterprise and service providers—worldwide. Our Universal Service Node product supports Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Desktop Video Conferencing, Enhanced Firebar/IP Ring down conferencing, Command & Control Conferencing, Hoot-n-Holler Conferencing, Mass Notification, Group SMS, Enhanced Voicemail and Voice SMS applications. All of these applications are accessible over legacy TDM and next generation VoIP networks.Our applications find their uses in many vertical markets including Service Providers, Independent Telcos, Military establishments, City/County governments and small, medium large Enterprises.

XOP RFCS Data Sheet R9 r2

XOP Networks' Ringdown Firebar Conference Server (RFCS) scales from 8 ports to 96 ports. It provides direct termination for analog (Red Emergency) phones, as well as VoIP phones connected via a VLAN/Fiber. These systems are typically deployed in campus locations that are prone to emergency situations, e.g., Airports, Air Force Bases, Chemical plants, Oil and gas installations etc.

JITC Approval Letter

The XOP Networks USN – 16 with Software Release 4.3.1 is hereinafter referred to as the system under test (SUT). The SUT met all of the critical interface and functional interoperability requirements of the Unified Capabilities Requirements and is certified for use within the Defense Switched Network (DSN) as a Meet-Me Conference Bridge (CB). The SUT is certified for use with any Small End Office (SMEO) or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that is listed on the Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL). There must be at least two SUTswhen implemented with a SMEO or PBX because the implementation requirement is for two separate bridges, each of which has the capacity of at least ten conferees.

XOP Networks Interoperability Matrix January 1 2013

XOP Networks Universal Service Node (USN) and other products are deployed in Carrier and Enterprise networks. In such networks our products interface with a number of third party PBXs, IP PBXs, Central Office Switches, Soft Switches, Media Gateways and back office network elements.

XOP High Availability Data Sheet

The XOP Networks High Availability feature allows your service to survive failure conditions. Add one or more fully redundant media processing servers to your network.

XOP Command & Control Conferencing

The XOP Command & Control Conferencing allows you to monitor and coordinate groups of conferences from a browser-based management station. Use your web browser to simultaneously interact with multiple conference rooms.

XOP LDAP Data Sheet

The XOP Networks LDAP feature allows you to use your company’s directory server.

XOP SNMP Data Sheet

The XOP Networks SNMP feature allows your company’s Network Manager and Syslog server to monitor the XOP system.

XOP click to call Data sheet

The XOP Networks Click-To-Call feature allows your company to make a secure, full-media conference call by using your browser.