A group of telecom hardened engineers

We are a group of telecom hardened engineers with distinguished backgrounds. Each one of our team members brings valuable experience gained at companies such as Alcatel, Lucent, DSC Communications, MCI, Ameritec, and several startups. The “XOP” in our company’s name signifies “Everything Over Packets”.

With advances in voice over packet technologies and the continued growth of the Internet, the stage has been set for a revolution of new applications and services.

XOP Networks was founded in January 2003 and is a privately held corporation.


True to its name, XOP Network’s mission is to supply products that provide Value Added Service applications for the burgeoning packet based enterprise and service provider networks.

We currently ship 5 products

XOP Networks products utilize state-of-the-art hardware and software components and are based on Linux Operating System. XOP Networks’ markets its products through OEM partners, VARs, PBX manufacturers and direct sales. Its product’s are also listed on GSA schedule.

  • Digital Collaboration Bridge

    XOP Networks’ Digital Collaboration Bridge provides seamless integration of Audio Conferencing Services and Web Conferencing Services over current TDM and VoIP networks thereby enabling virtual meeting experience for the end users.

  • Ringdown Firebar Conference Server

    XOP Networks’ Ringdown Firebar Conference Server provides quick dialout conference between emergency first responders. A conference call is created simply by an offhook on a pre-designated ‘Red’ phone. These systems are typically deployed at Airports, Military installations, Air Force bases etc.

  • Voice Mail Server

    XOP Networks’ Voice Mail Server supports multiple legacy and packet based interfaces, scales to tens of thousands of mail boxes and allows subscribers to view their voicemail messages over a web portal.

  • Group Alerting and Conferencing Server

    XOP Networks’ Group Alerting and Conferencing Server product allows thousands of multi-modal (Voice, SMS, Email, Page, and Instant Messages) alert messages to be launched quickly. In parallel, the system enables instantaneous audio conference by dialing out to ‘First Responders’.

  • Universal Service Node

    XOP Networks’ Universal Service Node provides multiple value added services (Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Firebar Conferencing, Voice Mail, Mass Notifications, Switch Announcements etc.) running seamlessly on one platform. All services dynamically share the VoTDM and VoIP network resources, thereby reducing the operations cost by 70-80%.

Our Marketing & Tecnical Partners

XOP Networks’ markets its products through OEM partners, VARs, PBX manufacturers and direct sales. Its product’s are also listed on GSA schedule. XOP Networks’ builds its products by utilizing different technology resources. For more information, please visit one of our technology partners.