XOP Networks provides a variety of Value Added Service applications that can help an enterprise reduce its operational expenses while improving employee productivity. These applications are available on service specific platforms e.g. Digital Collaboration Bridge, Group Alert and Conference Server, Voice Mail Server or on XOP Networks’ multi-services Universal Service Node platform.

  • Digital Collaboration Bridge

    The Digital Collaboration Bridge (DCB) provides feature rich Meet-me Audio conferencing, Web conferencing and Desktop Video conferencing capabilities. These applications can be used individually or in any combination as needed to create a multi-media collaboration environment for the end user.

  • Group Alert and Conference Server

    The Group Alert and Conference Server (GACS) allows enterprises to proactively plan for handiling emergency communications and then facilitates such communication when needed. With this product, e.g., personnel responsible for emergency preparedness can send thousands of voice calls, SMS messages , emails etc., informing the larger audience about the emergency at hand while they pull key brain trust of an organization into an audio conference where appropriate decisions can be made.

  • Voice Mail Server

    The Voice Mail Server (VMS) is designed to allow an enterprise to migrate/consolidate its disparate voicemail resources into a centralized resource so that all end users distributed across an organization have same voicemail experience. Besides the network consolidation, XOP Networks’ voicemail application further enhances an end user’s experience by offering capabilities such as Visual Voicemail, Voice SMS, Auto Attendant, Voicemail to Email, Sub Mail boxes, Shareable Voicemail box etc.

  • Universal Service Node

    The Universal Service Node (USN) allows multiple applications to seamlessly operate on the same platform. An enterprise e.g., may start with only Audio Conferencing application and then add other applications as needed.

Custom Solutions

XOP Networks also builds Custom Solutions for its customers leveraging technologies and building blocks that have been developed for its products. Notable items are described below:

Dial in and Vote: This application is used to tally votes for different participants in a given contest, e.g., a singing competition on TV. Based on an IVR front end (Press 1 to vote for Ayman, 2 to vote for Chris etc.) the system collects votes and then presents the results on a web portal. It can also determine the results based on different dialed numbers.

Our Enterprise Clients