How does Web Conferencing work?

Web conferencing allows one to share a application running on ones desktop with fellow participants. There are two ways this can be done. First method is called screen sharing where the software scrapes moderator’s desktop and send the raw bits to fellow participants. In this case the entire desktop is shared. Any open document on the desktop will then be shared with the fellow participants. Other approach is to upload the document at hand to the USN server where the document is converted into a set of JPEGs. These JPEGs are then made visible to the fellow participants via their browsers.

What is screen scraping?

Screen scraping is encoding each pixel on a desk top and transmitting those pixels to the far end computer.

How much bandwidth is needed for web conferencing?

We estimate about 100 Kb/s per second per leg of the web conference.

Do I need to download any plugin to my PC?

No plugin is required on the PC or any other end point to view the voicemail web portal. All you need is a web browser and a connection to the Internet.

How does application sharing work?

XOP Web Conferencing allows a moderator to select the application that one wants to share with the fellow participants. Only the selected application e.g., excel is then shared with the fellow participants even though other applications may also be running on a moderator’s desktop. This application requires a special license and may not be available on all systems. If you need this capability, please contact XOP customer service department.

If I share a power point presentation, will my participants be able to see the animation in my slides?

The animations are lost as the presentation is first converted to a sequence of JPEGs.

What is Webex?

Webex is a popular managed web conference service offered by Cisco.