What is Tellabs 291/292?

Tellabs 291/292 refers to Tellab’s Firebar Conferencing /Crashnet equipment. Tellabs does not manufacture this equipment any more. XOP Networks’ Ringdown Firebar Conference Server product is designed to be a replacement for Tellabs 291/292 Crashnet equipment. For details please see RFCS description under the Products tabs.

What is XOP’s equivalent product called?

The Tellabs 291/292 equivalent product is called Ringdown Firebar Conference Server. Its features are described on a tab under ‘products’ on the XOP web site.

What is the difference between RFCS and USN based Firebar?

RFCS is a standalone product that supports Firebar application. This product supports FXS ports that can be connected to emergency phones or Red Phones. The USN on the other hand also supports Firebar application, however it is deployed on the trunk side of a switch. Being of the trunk side, USN can launch outbound calls that can terminate on any phone in the network not just the landline phones.

How many ‘Firebars’ can one XOP USN support?

The XOP USN can have an unlimited number of Firebars defined but the number that can be simultaneously used is a function of the number of parties in each Firebar conference one and the total number of ports available on the system. XOP USN can be set to give Firebar calls priority so that the system will end other calls, i.e.,  conference or mass notifications to make ports available for use by Firebars.