What is Desktop Video Conferencing?

Most PCs today have web cams on them. XOP Networks web conferencing application allows multiple web cams to be used with the desk top sharing application. Effectively one can have people in a virtual room that can hear each other, see each other and share a common document.

What is Telepresence?

Telepresence referes to high end video conferencing where multiple people can share lifesize images with their counterparts using big screen TVs etc.

How many people can I have on my video conference?

XOP Video conference allows up to 6 talking heads on a web portal.

Do I need to install any plugin on my PC for video conferencing to work?

No. The XOP application is browser based and no additional plugin is required to access it.

Can I do screen sharing along with video?

Yes, you can use ‘partial screen sharing’ available on the web conference application. The remainder of the screen can then be populated with up to 6 talking heads.

Can I use a VoIP with my video conference?

XOP Web conference does not allow use of VoIP for purpose of Video Conference.

How much bandwidth do I need for video conferencing?

The bandwidth required for each leg of the video conference is a function of web camera in use and the required resolution. Overall we budget 300 Kb/s per leg of the video conference.

What is a Video Gateway?

A Video Gateway provides interworking between Legacy TDM based Video end points and next generation SIP based Video end points.

Can I have my desktop video session interwork with my polycom video conference system?

This requires use of a Video Gateway.

We have a Tandberg video conference system. We would like people who are not on the video conference to be able to listen to the audio portion of the video conference.

This can be accomplished by dialing out from Tandberg video conference into a XOP audio conference bridge.

What is a funeral video broadcast service?

Funeral broadcast service allows a Priest’s video and audio to be streamed over the Internet to multiple viewers. This can be very useful for people who are unable to attend the funeral at a church.