How can I change my welcome prompt?

On the USN, one can dial in and record a ‘conference hold music’. This recording can then be used as a greeting on the Firebar conferences.

Can I change welcome prompt on each sub mail box?

Yes, there is a separate greeting for each mail box.

Can I see my messages on my blackberry? If yes, how?

Two ways, the XOP USN will email you your messages, so you can view them as you view your other email

XOP also offers an APP for the Blackberry that gives you more control of your mailbox

Does XOP Networks Voicemail support iPhone?

Yes. XOP Networks voicemail product supports visual voicemail. It provides a web portal where all the voicemails are listed. Each voicemail shows the caller id of the person who left the message, the length of the message, the time stamp etc. This portal can be pulled up by any device that supports a web browser including iPhone.

Do I need to install any application on my iPhone or Blackberry?

No application is required to be downloaded to view the voicemail portal.