XOP Helps Companies Impacted by Sycamore’s Discontinuation of Their SPS-1000 Product

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Sycamore Coriant announced the discontinuation of their SPS-1000 product leaving companies using their product in a difficult situation to continue to serve their clients. Ongoing support for the product is provided by a Chinese company SYSTEMCOM,.LTD. Sycamore is one of the multiple vendors that this company provides support for. Customer’s with Sycamore’s SPS-1000 product are now have a dilemma. They can continue with their current SPS-1000s and get support for it from the Chinese company or they can replace the SPS-1000 with XOP Networks Universal Services Node Conference bridge product. XOP Networks is a US company that is head quartered in Dallas, TX.

XOP Networks has extensive financial services industry experience having deployed tens of thousands of ARD, MRD and Hoot-n-Holler capable conferencing ports worldwide. 

For customers caught in is situation, XOP Networks provides a good way out. Its Universal Service Node platform matches and/or exceeds the functionality provided by the SPS-1000. 

In this context please do read XOP Networks press release titled “Looking for Sycamore’s SPS-1000 Replacement – XOP Networks has the Answer

For more information about the USN please visit https://www.xopnetworks.com/products/universal-services-node.

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