Role of WebRTC capable Audio Conference Bridge in Virtual Call Centers

WebRTC_LogoIn a typical Call Center an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) routes in coming visitor calls to support Agents based on their skill set, availability etc. In case of a Virtual Call Center the agents work from their home office. In this case the Virtual Call Center then has to make long distance calls to reach the home based Agents. As these calls last for hours, needless to say, the Virtual Call Center ends up with a large long distance bill. A WebRTC capable Audio Conference Bridge can play an important role in this context. The WebRTC technology adds real time communications (e.g., audio, Video calls) capability to a browser itself. A Virtual Call Center can deploy such an Audio Conference Bridge in its network. Using a WebRTC capable browser (e.g, Google Chrome, Firefox) a home based Agent can then simply dial into the conference bridge over the Internet at no charge. The ACD can route the visitor’s call also into the conference bridge thus allowing conversation between the visitor and the agent to occur on the bridge. By removing the cost of long distance calls to home based agents, this approach makes a virtual call center much more cost effective.

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