Back To The Future With XOP HnH IP Hot Line Service Shown At ARA’s 76th Annual Convention & Exposition

XOP HnH participated in the Automotive Recyclers Association 76th Annual Convention & Exposition showing the benefits of its IP based Hot Line network service to the Automobile Recycling Industry.

The Hot Line service based on phone carrier Hoot and Holler technology has been used by the Auto Recyclers for decades. XOP Networks Hoot and Holler service is a modern IP based equivalent that brings back the Hoot and Holler service with new benefits:

  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Minutes to bring up a new location. Simply connect the XOP IP Phone to location’s IP network and it auto registers with the hosted Hoot and Holler conference bridge.
  • Ability to easily identify and mute any line that is too noisy or disruptive.
  • Ability to disconnect rogue members using a self-serve portal.
  • Improve Camaraderie between Hotline Members

“We have been running our Auto Recycler Hotline Service using XOP Networks IP based Hoot and Holler offering for months now. We had been using a large carrier-based Hoot and Holler service earlier. It was expensive and we had to wait for weeks for adding or removing members or even for basic trouble shooting. XOP hotline service is night and day different from the carrier-based service. Our members use this service every day, close more business quickly and additionally benefit from the camaraderie it creates among them. I really wish we had known about XOP’s service earlier”, said Bill Nelson, Hotline Service Manager at AAA Auto recyclers in Los Angeles, CA.

“We are very pleased to be associated with the Automobile Recyclers of America and to be able bring the benefits of our hosted IP based Hoot and Holler service with excellent audio experience and superior up time. Our service provides current and future Hot Line owners an excellent alternative compared to phone carrier-based hotline service moving forward,” added Sudhir Gupta, Managing Partner, XOP Holdings.

About XOP HnH

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, XOP Hoot and Holler began operations in 2018 and is part of XOP Holdings, a communications organization founded in 2003.

We started offering IP based Hoot and Holler service after several announcements from prominent service providers that no longer offer expansions to their traditional leased line-based Hoot and Holler service offering. The platform that we use to provide our service uses a SIP based audio conference bridge system from our sister company XOP Networks.

XOP Hoot-n-Holler service has been further enhanced to suit the needs of Auto Recycler Hotline Service Providers. These Auto Recycler Hotline Service Providers can brand XOP H-n-H and resell to individual Auto Recyclers.

For more information about XOP HnH, visit its website