Looking for Sycamore’s SPS-1000 Replacement – XOP Networks has the Answer

XOP Networks, Inc., a manufacturer of TDM and VoIP based audio conference bridges announces availability of a replacement system for Sycamore/Coriant’s manufacturing discontinued Signal Processing System (SPS) 1000. The SPS-1000 is widely deployed in the financial services Trader Voice, Commodity brokerage, Utility and Transportation industries.

The XOP Networks Universal Services Node platform matches and/or exceeds the functionality provided by the SPS-1000. Notable features include support for:

  • CAS T1 and E1 interfaces
  • Automatic and Manual Ring Downs (ARD/MRD)
  • Hoot-n-Holler conferences

In addition to the standard SPS-1000 functionality the USN can also offer

  • CAS DS3 and E3 interfaces
  • ARD/MRD and Hoot capability over SIP/VoIP trunks

This allows Private Wire service providers to consolidate multiple SPS-1000s into one USN and offer interworking between TDM based turrets (e.g., IPC’s Alliance MX) and VoIP based turrets (e.g., SpeakerBus iTurret).

XOP Networks has extensive financial services industry experience having deployed tens of thousands of ARD, MRD and Hoot-n-Holler capable conferencing ports worldwide. (Click here to see the IPC press release).

“We are proud to be able to offer a drop-in replacement for SPS-1000 to the financial services’ Trader Voice, Commodity trading, Power Utilities and Transportation industries. The companies that are looking for expansion or replacement for their manufacturing discontinued Sycamore/Coriant SPS-1000 now have a choice – a modern, TDM and SIP/VoIP capable, feature rich, highly secure XOP Networks’ USN,” said Sudhir Gupta, CEO of XOP Networks.

About XOP Networks

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, XOP Networks was founded in January 2003 and is backed by a seasoned management team. Deployed at multiple Cellular Operators, Fortune 100 companies, CLEC/IOC customers, Government organizations, DOD networks (Air Force, Army and Navy) XOP Networks' products allow customers to boost employee productivity, increase business efficiency and enhance emergency communications. Having both TDM and VoIP interfaces, XOP products allow customers to seamlessly transition their value added services from legacy circuit switched networks to VoIP based packet switched networks.

For more information about XOP Networks, visit its website at http://www.xopnetworks.com.


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