XOP Networks Introduces Spectel Conference Bridge Replacement Package

XOP's Universal Service Node is designed to be the Swiss Army Knife of conference bridges", said Doug Jacobs, VP Marketing, XOP Networks

XOP Networks, Inc., a manufacturer of Value Added Service platforms that provide Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Enhanced Firebar (emergency conferencing) Voice Mail, Mass Notification (emergency alerting), and other applications, today introduced a Spectel Conference Bridge Replacement Package for replacing older generation Spectel conference bridges with next generation XOP Networks Universal Services Node(USN) system.

Many of the Spectel audio conference bridges were in Mission Critical deployments at large companies around the world. The typical replacement of a Spectel bridge by a USN includes support for Audio Conferencing, Alerting/Mass Notification and Emergency Conferencing/ Enhanced Firebar applications. The USN supports E1/T1 & SIP interfaces and is functionally equivalent to the Spectel conference bridge. The USN also adds several new capabilities, including an easy to use web portal for system administration, and hot standby mode in which USN servers are deployed at two different geographic locations with real time database replication between them.

“We are very excited to bring the Spectel replacement package to the market at a time when many Spectel customers are looking for next generation solutions to their conferencing needs. A Spectel customer will be very comfortable with the transition to the USN, particularly in Mission Critical applications, where it is extremely important that the equipment be always available when needed.” said Sudhir Gupta, CEO of XOP Networks.

“Besides providing conferencing equipment, it is equally important to be able to provide adequate support for it in the field. XOP’s engineers have developed additional reporting and escalation capabilities that allow our conference bridges to inform our customers and our support department on the performance of the system, in case there are any operational issues” said James Park, Director of Operations at XOP Networks.

For additional details about the Spectel Conference Bridge Replacement package please read our White Paper titled "Spectel Conference Bridge Replacement with XOP Networks' USN".


About XOP Networks

Beginning in 2003, XOP Networks embarked on developing a next generation IP centric value added services application platform. Realizing this vision, it shipped its first product, a Digital Collaboration Bridge (DCB) in 2004. A DCB combines rich Audio Conferencing and Web Conferencing, thus creating a collaborative experience for the end users.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, XOP Networks was founded in 2002 and is backed by a seasoned management team. Deployed at multiple Fortune 100 companies, US defense organizations, Mobile operators and CLEC/IOC customers, XOP Networks' products allow customers to improve employee productivity, promote business continuity and generate new revenue streams. Having both legacy and VoIP interfaces, XOP products allow customers to seamlessly transition their value added services from legacy circuit switched networks to VoIP based packet switched networks.

In 2007 XOP Networks launched its Universal Service Node (USN) which offers multiple value added services on one platform. In year 2008 IP based Hoot and Holler conferencing capability was added to the platform. In 2009 XOP Networks introduced Ring down Firebar Conference Server (RFCS) that allows a conference to be set up simply by lifting a handset on an analog or IP phone. Several other enhancements were introduced including support for Secure conferencing, SMS driven mobile conferencing, Group SMS and Voice SMS capabilities. The product line was also hardened for use in defense networks and has received the coveted JITC certification. Flexibility of the product’s architecture allows XOP Networks to quickly customize its solutions to fit the needs of its customers.

XOP Networks, Inc, a manufacturer of Audio Conferencing Equipment today introduced a Spectel Conference Bridge Replacement Package for replacing older generation Spectel conference bridges with next generation XOP Networks Universal Services Node (USN) system.