XOP Networks Provides Hoot and Holler Service to Companies Impacted by Expansion Changes With Current Providers

XOP Networks is pleased to announce the availability of its IP Based Hoot and Holler service.

Traditional Hoot-and-holler service allows participants to get on an ongoing audio conference by simply lifting their phone’s handset. Such services are delivered by telecommunication service providers using 4 wire leased line circuits that terminate onto purpose-built hoot phones.

With recent announcements about prominent and large service providers no longer allowing expansions to their current clients, XOP Networks is now offering an equivalent IP based Hoot and Holler service to all impacted businesses.

This new service is designed to fill the gap created by disinterested service providers. Businesses impacted by lack of interest from large service providers can now sign up for IP based Hoot and Holler service offered by XOP Networks.

The new service is offered by deploying XOP Networks’ Universal Services Node – a state of the art SIP based audio conference bridge in a hosted environment and works in conjunction with XOP Networks’ specialized Hoot and Holler IP phones.

“We are pleased to be able to offer a replacement Hoot and Holler service to companies, such as auto parts traders, utility companies etc., that need a viable Hoot and Holler service to keep their businesses running. With the XOP Networks’ IP based conferencing platform we can offer a modern high-quality service which has excellent audio experience and superior up time,” said Sudhir Gupta, CEO of XOP Networks.

About XOP Networks

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, XOP Networks, Inc was founded in January 2003 and is backed by a seasoned management team. Deployed at multiple Cellular Operators, Fortune 100 companies, CLEC/IOC customers, Government organizations, DOD networks (Air Force, Army and Navy) XOP Networks’ products allow customers to boost employee productivity, increase business efficiency and enhance emergency communications. Having both TDM and VoIP interfaces, XOP products allow customers to seamlessly transition their Value-Added Services from legacy circuit switched networks to VoIP based packet switched networks.

For more information about XOP Networks, visit its website at https://www.xopnetworks.com.